Nurse Tech, Inc.

Nurse Tech, Inc. is a privately-held corporation. We combine technology and healthcare to develop and sell apps that support nurses in being more efficient and to practice more safely.

We are a startup making good progress. There is a compelling business plan, a stellar Board of Directors, some investors, several programmers, a lawyer, a computer graphics artist, patent 9164656 for our Graphical Display for Scheduling and Monitoring Tasks, several completed hospital beta tests, and a released product with ten thousand users and growing.

If you are interested in investing, please contact us.

Our flagship product, NurseMind, is a checklist and time management app for nurses. It changes the way nurses think about their work in the same way that checklists changed aviation decades ago, and made it much safer.

Our second product, NurseAssess, is a smart note-taker for nursing assessments, a high-cognitive-burden activity that nurses do hundreds of times in every shift. It is currently under development. Product release is expected in mid-2019.

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